Foreign investment in Aotearoa/New Zealand


Overseas Investment Office - Decisions

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January 2012 decisions

Creditors Take Control Of Metroglass; Japanese-Owned Cerebos To Buy Comvita?; Other January Decisions

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February 2012 decisions

IAG Grabs AMI In Post-Earthquake Insurance Shakeup; Storage King Gets New South African Owner; Other February Decisions

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March 2012 decisions

Germans Nab Control Of Turners and Growers; Rangiora MDF Plant Gets Another Japanese Owner; And Nelson's Euroglass Becomes Part Of An Aussie Joint Venture; Canadians To Develop Sidewinder Oil Discovery; Other March Decisions

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April 2012 decisions

Crafar Farms Sold To Another Chinese Bidder; James Cameron Adds To His Wairarapa Farms; Aperio Gets New Aussi Owners; UK/Austrian Partnership Grabs 200 Hectares In Taranaki; Go-Bus To Expand - Or Is It Now Gone-Bus?; Aussies Sell Two Auckland Hotels; Japanese Buy Terrace Downs Resort; Other April Decisions

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May 2012 decisions

Foley Increases Shareholding In Wharekaukau Estate; New Aussie Shareholders For National Can; Aussie-Owned Retirement Village Planned For Hobsonville; Other May Decisions

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June 2012 decisions

Serco Gets Land For New Wiri Prison; Aussies Sell Spotless To Americans; More Than 9,000 Hectares Get New Overseas Owners; Oakwood Retirement Village Buys Bowling Club To Expand; Swiss Buys Mohau Station; AMP Sells Down Interest In Government Buildings; Other June Decisions

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July 2012 decisions

Vision Senior Living And Private Life Care merge; Germans Buy 1,000 Hectare Farm Near Taihape; Bathurst Consolidates Its Land Holdings In Southland; Other July Decisions

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August 2012 decisions

Canadian Controlled Viterra Changes Hands; New Wind Farm For Taharoa; Chinese Grab Prime Gulf Harbour Development; Koreans Buy 3,000 Hectare Forest In Marlborough; Metlifecare Plans New Retirement Village For Albany; New Japanese Owner For The Mangapapa Petit Hotel; American Consolidates Significant Canterbury Land Holdings; Singaporeans Buy The Hilton Hotel At Princes Wharf; Foley Takes Control Of The NZ Wine Company; Aussies To Establish Hokitika Treetop Walk; James Cameron Continues To Expand His Wairarapa Empire; More Prime Southland Land Sold To Overseas Interests; Other August Decisions

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September 2012 decisions

Vodafone Buys TelstraClear; Sealord Swaps Quota For Shares; Americans Snap Up Apex Rental Cars; Tiong Family Grabs 1,331 Hectares In Waihopai Valley; While Austrian Grabs 1,148 Hectares Near Napier; And Canadian Grabs 443 Hectares Of Three Ridges Forest; Australian-Owned Downer Sells Geothermal Driller To Oman; American Plans Another Exclusive Golf Course: This Time Mangawhai Heads; Other September Decisions

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October 2012 decisions

Iconic Fisher & Paykel Swallowed Up By Haier; Fulton Hogan Offloads 3,000 Hectares Of forest; Heineken Buys DB Breweries; Olam Goes To 100% Of NZ Farming Systems Uruguay; Other October Decisions

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November 2012 decisions

Woolworths Restructures Its Property Holdings; Juken Northern Plantations Gets New Japanese Owner; Goodman Restructures Highbrook Business Park; Pepper Refinances Itself; Nib Nabs Tower Medical Insurance; GEA Buys Milfos; Other November Decisions

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December 2012 decisions

Dow Looking To Develop GE Crops In Canterbury?; Hart Sells Eight Dairy Farms To The Swedes; Tag Oil Continues To Expand Its Presence In New Zealand; Japanese Sell Summit Wool Spinners To Godfrey Hirst; Other December Decisions

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Numbers of deleted or released decisions before appeal

Jan 2012 Feb 2012 Mar 2012 Apr 2012 May 2012 Jun 2012 Jul 2012 Aug 2012 Sep 2012 Oct 2012 Nov 2012 Dec 2012 Total 2012
Deletions 1 1 3 8 2 3 1 3 3 2 4 5 36
Applications Refused 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Decisions released 5* 4 6 15 9 11 6 18 16^ 7 9 7 113

* This excludes a decision approving grant of consent for Milk New Zealand Holding Limited to acquire the Crafar Farms. This consent was set aside by the High Court on 15 February 2012 with a direction that Ministers reconsider their decision.

^ This includes one approval for acquisition of fishing quota involving Sealord Group Ltd and Westfleet Seafoods Ltd.

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