The electricity deforms

The changes (euphemistically called "reforms") to the electricity sector in 1998 and following led to privatisation, price rises, and increasingly concentrated overseas ownership.

Electricity Inquiry 2000 (DOC 139KB)

Submission to the Caygill Ministerial Inquiry into the electricity sector.

Electricity regulation in the US, by Gregory Palast

Gregory Palast, a US economist, energy analyst and journalist, describes the regulations the US electricity industry is subject to, and the surprisingly substantial public ownership of the industry. (Referred to in CAFCA's Electricity Inquiry submission.)

The Privatisation of New Zealand's Electricity Services, by Bill Rosenberg and Jane Kelsey (DOC 62KB)

An overview of the electricity deforms, with a background to the "New Zealand Experiment" of privatisation, deregulation and trade liberalisation, aimed at an international audience.

Power Frenzy - the takeover of the electricity industry, by Bill Rosenberg (DOC 67KB)

Written as the takeover forced by the deforms gathered steam: a background to some of the companies which took a leading part and how they did it.

The Deformation: "Reforms" continue to wreck the electricity industry, by Bill Rosenberg (DOC 61KB)

More about the electricity price rises, over-inflated prices paid for companies, and who is who.


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