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Contents of Newsletter, v.24, no.2, April 2009

Group News

  • Next support meeting.
  • M.E./CFS Awareness Day meeting.

International Awareness Day, Tuesday 12 May

Jackie's News

  • Natto, a traditional Japanese food made from fermented soybeans.
  • Book review.

9th International IACFS/ME Conference

  • An extract from Dr. Ros Vallings' report, published in Meeting Place, Issue 95, March 2009.

Science explains how Food affects the Brain

  • Omega-3 fatty acids, especially DHA.
  • Better brain injury defense and recovery.
  • Diabetes and early death linked to grandparents' nutrition.
  • High trans and saturated fats adversely affect cognition.
  • Folic acid essential for brain function.
  • Indian dishes and Alzheimer's disease.

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Contents of Newsletter, v.24, no.1, March 2009

Group Diary

Next support meeting Friday 1 May.

Jackie's News

  • Wandering the M.E. maze
    -The possibility that childhood stress can spark M.E./CFS
  • The batteries are running low
    -A new diagnostic test for M.E./CFS

A Word from our Treasurer

The Advantages of Hugging

Letters to the Editor

  • A little setback; SO WHAT!
  • Trouble at the medical centre.
  • Report on previous hyperbaric therapy treatment.

General Information about a Health Lecture Series

Struggling with Short-Term Memory

-Taken from Interaction, Issue 67, February 2009.

  • Comments from medical advisor Professor Tony Pinching.
  • Advice from Dr. Hazel O'Dowd, consultant clinical psychologist.

Research News

  • Curcumin bolsters cell membrane resistance.

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Contents of Newsletter, v.23, no.6, December 2008

Group Diary

Next support meeting Friday 30 January.

A Word from the New Chair

The newly elected Chairperson introduces himself and his
team for the coming year.

Community Worker News

Judy Woodward looks forward to the break and the next
support meeting, and back to the speakers at support
meetings in 2008.

Information Officer News

  • M.E. Group member a `Christchurch Hero'.
  • Water filter offer update.

Visit to Christchurch by Dr. Charles Lapp

  • Report from an atendee to Dr. Lapp's ME/CFS seminar for G.Ps.
  • Report from an organiser of the seminar, committee member Dave O'Hara.
  • Photograph of Dr. Lapp with some current and former
    committee members.

Letters to the Editor

  • Advanced allergy elimination treatment.
  • Light bulbs.
  • The Phil Parker Lightning Process.