Items For Sale

  1. "Tired All the Time: Could Food Be a Factor?"
    by Jacqueline Steincamp. 28 A4 pp plus insert.
    • The relationship between food and chronic illnesses; the differences between allergies and intolerances; the four food reactions; swinging blood sugar levels (reactive hypoglycemia); gluten sensitivity; the most common problem foods; food and mood; some substitutions; gluten-free baked goods; organic outlets (Christchurch); developing your personal eating plan; food challenging; healthy foods; candida/food-sensitivity diet.
    • Suggested variety-plus menu. 40 recipes.
    • A personal diet and symptom diary.
    • PLUS: Detoxing needs care, by Georgina Jardine, RGON, RPN, ND.
    • Prices: $15 from Piko Wholefoods (Christchurch and Lyttelton), or $10 for members direct from Jackie Steincamp (postage $2 extra).

    Available from the Information Officer

    All other items are available from the Secretary

  2. Coping with Fibromyalgia (Fibrositis) by Beth Edinger, foreword by Don L. Goldenberg, M.D., 36pp.
    • Looks at causes, processes and treatment. Not so different from M.E., but focussed more on muscle pain.
    • .........$5.00(inc. postage within N.Z.)

M.E. Action (U.K.) Information Kits & Guides (Also available from the Secretary)

  1. The Chief Medical Officer's Working Group Report on CFS/M.E.-A Guide, 40pp.
    • .........$5.00(plus $1 postage within N.Z.)
  2. Action for M.E. CHILDREN'S CHARTER compiled by Jane Colby, former head teacher and member of Britain's National M.E.Task Force Focus Group on Children, is a recommended code of practice for managing childhood M.E. Contains:
    • Summary: The child-centred approach: Identity Rights; Energy Rights; Care Rights; Learning Rights. 9pp.
    • Guidelines for Schools: Recognition and management of M.E. in the school population. 11pp.
    • Advice for young M.E. sufferers, their parents and guardians. 6pp.
    • Children with M.E. Guidelines for school doctors and nurses and G.P.s, by Dr. Alan Franklin, FRCP, DCH (Consultant Paediatrician). 6pp.
    • M.E./CFS in the U.K. School Population, by Dr. Elizabeth Dowsett. 5pp.
    • .........$10.00(inc. postage)
  3. PRACTITIONERS PACK. $10.00. Contains:
    • M.E. Information for Doctors
    • Diagnostic Guidelines for M.E./PVFS
    • Magnesium & Efamol: the two scientifically validated treatments
    • Magnesium Treatment: with instructions from Dr David Dowson
    • M.E. and Depression
    • Energy Metabolism and Fatiguability in M.E./PVFS
    • "The Trouble with M.E." by Renee Twombly (reprinted from the New Scientist, 14 May 1994)
    • M.E.-The Physical Evidence
    • 'Physical' and 'Psychological' Illnesses
    • Antidepressants
    • .........Available separately:$1.00
  4. THERAPY INFORMATION PACK (the pros and cons of available therapies as reported by practitioners and sufferers). Complete $10.00. Contains:
    • Visiting an Alternative Practitioner - some general guidelines
    • Candida Factsheet
    • Magnesium and Efamol
    • Antidepressants
    • Probiotics and Colon Cleansing
    • Allergy and Food Intolerance
    • Allergy Desensitisation
    • Stress, Meditation and Relaxation
    • Vitamins and Minerals
    • Diet
    • Graded Activity & Exercise
    • Osteopathy
    • Homeopathy
    • Aromatherapy
    • Acupuncture
    • Yoga and M.E./CFS
    • Pain Control
    • .........Available separately: $1.00
  5. Four-stage Nutritional Programme for the Management of Intestinal Yeasts, 10 pp.
    • Candida factsheet
    • Biocare product names mentioned
    • Excellent alternatives
    • .........$2.00(inc.postage).
  6. Earth Radiation and A/C Fields Related to Energy Depleted States.
    • .........$1.00(inc. postage)
  7. Coping with M.E.:guidelines for M.E. sufferers and their carers.
    • .........$1.00(inc. postage).