The Housing For Women Trust

"A Trust That Works To Promote Housing For Women"

The Housing For Women Trust believes that women in poor housing face physical violence, sexual exploitation and other forms of abuse.

The objectives of the Trust are to:
reduce the risks women face
support women in obtaining alternatives to the present facilities available to them
enable them to change the circumstances which disempower them.

We believe that initiatives involving shared housing and alternatives to the existing concept of living arrangements, will make a difference to our community, to the lives of women who will be able to live in a supportive environment that promotes personal growth.

The trust is working alongside other organisations in providing safe housing for women.

We have taken the initiative in pioneering long-term communal housing for women.

This creative approach to housing provides solutions that would otherwise not exist; making a difference to our community.

Communal Living Provides:

  • security
  • mutual support
  • financial stability
  • a sense of belonging

The Housing For Women Trust Provides (on a daily basis):

  • information and encouragement
  • telephone advice
  • public meetings
  • workshops
  • co-operative housing info

to help people work towards their own housing needs.

Contact The Housing For Women Trust

  • Register your interest with us.
  • We will put you in touch with other women with similar needs and interests.
  • We can provide you with information and encouragement to work towaards meeting your own housing needs.


Housing is the tool we use to support women

For more information about The Housing For Women Trust

ph: (03) 377 2145
1st Floor
Manchester Courts
160 Manchester Street
P.O. Box 13-476