Environmental Resource Directory

The Environmental Resource Directory is the only directory available which lists environmental resources relevant to the Canterbury region. The directory has been compiled by the Environmental Education Support Group, which consists of seventy people representing a variety of organisations committed to environmental education: school teachers at all levels, the College of Education, Lincoln University, environmentally orientated groups and organisations and concerned individuals.

This Directory is devised for practical use by teachers from lower primary to Form five level but would be suitable for any other community groups. It is free to schools, resource centres and libraries in Canterbury. Anyone else is encouraged to order copies at a cost of only $45 per copy (including p&p and GST) which subsidises the free distribution of the directory to schools.

The Environmental Education Support Group have designed this document (published in April 1995) as an immense and ready source of information with the objective of increasing children's knowledge and enthusiasm for the environment. The group itself took shape from a meeting organised in March 1994 by the Canterbury Regional Council for people and groups involved in environmental education, with the aim of exploring ways to improve communication. The Environmental Education Support Group now meets monthly to discuss and share information. In 1996 this group became the Canterbury Branch of the New Zealand Association for Environmental Education (NZAEE).

The directory is devised carefully to meet the practical needs of all school teachers. It contains up to date and relevant material and suggestions of how environmental education can be incorporated into curriculum areas to allow a multidisciplinary approach:

  • Outdoor Education- exploring, experiencing activities.
  • Social Studies-surveys, resources, mapping
  • Science- experiments, research, observation
  • Health- exercise, diet
  • Maths- computers, graphing, analysis
  • Art- posters, photography, sketches
  • English-drama, stories, poetry
  • Music-songs, composing sounds.

The directory is currently updated (May 1997). All those who have received or bought a copy can expect this update to arrive soon.

The directory is divided into 12 topics:

  • general
  • animals
  • antarctica
  • atmosphere/air
  • Coastal/marine
  • endangered species
  • energy
  • forests
  • land
  • plants
  • waste
  • waterways

and includes under each of the 12 topics:

  • resource kits
  • activity/information booklets
  • guest speakers/school visits
  • posters
  • videos
  • other material (stickers,computer disks,etc.) as well as an index of key words at the back of the directory.

To order a copy of the Environmental Resource directory please contact:

The Secretary
NZAEE - Canterbury Branch
PO Box 24-258

ph/fax 03 3320099