"Stress, Women's Health, and Hemi-Sync"

James B. Beal, EMF Interface Consulting
P.O. Box 2112, Wimberley, TX 78676-7012
512-847-3076 E-mail: emeffects@aol.com

This presentation is about a new medical breakthrough where the use of the patented Monroe Hemi-Sync Binaural Beat Sound process can offer potential benefits.

Many persons, primarily women, have become chronically miserable, easily fatigued, and painfully hypersensitive with a variety of manifesting symptoms, due to stresses brought about in part by toxic long-term environmental factors. These factors may involve undesirable exposures to chemical/particulate pollutants, electromagnetic/electric fields and other irritants which interfere with the normal body immune system, coping abilities, healing efforts and a healthy lifestyle. Exciting medical research, has been initiated this year, regarding system metabolic functions, which primarily involve previously undiagnosable thyroid-related symptoms in persons who are thyroid-resistant rather than thyroid-deficient [1-2].

For example, in addition to fibromyalgia (FMS) being a phenotypic expression of thyroid hormone resistance, so too appear to be chronic fatigue syndrome (CFIDS), gulf war syndrome (GWS), electromagnetic field sensitivity (EMFS), multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), premenstrual syndrome (PMS), and breast silicone implant rejection syndrome. Persons afflicted with these seemingly-related dis-eases are especially affected by the many forms of stress we encounter every day, e.g., psychological, physiological, spiritual and environmental.

Strong psychosomatic overtones are related to all of the above symptoms, especially if they occur in women. It is a sad commentary on our male-dominated allopathic western medical system that only psychological causes are blamed and little is done to determine concurrent physiological or environmental factors. However, until a dependable biomarker is available to separate psychosomatic from only physiological effects, it will be difficult to treat the above listed conditions. Let us seriously consider the stress-reduction capabilities of Hemi-Sync sound therapy for these previously untreatably dis-eases, combined with prudent avoidance of stress factors

A biomarker was just discovered last year (Hyaluronic Acid) and will become a part of a just-initiated 100-person GWS study sponsored by the Veterans Administration in Houston [3] Of course, mental stress over time, from whatever cause, affects body functions and immune system efficiency, thus any kind of healing therapy, to be effective, must consider post-therapy mind, body, spirit and environment interacting factors to avoid relapse. This is where the use of Hemi-Sync to promote sleep, relieve pain, and reduce stress is recommended (See references 4-7)


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