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It is my opinion that unusual, inexpensive, easily applied new medical discoveries, cannot confront corporate organizations with huge vested medical interests and expect to get any results (other than negative feedback). It will require considerable energy in order to attract some attention to the issues from the intelligent technically-interested concerned public, and maybe a few environmentalists. However, little or no attention will be received from politicians and the general public (when they are not directly affected),-- where the prevalent attitude (cultivated by the media) is "don't confuse me with facts, my mind is made up!", "ignore it and it will go away", or "give me a pill (or therapy) that will make me well, so I can continue doing what made me sick in the first place!".

So, we have to play some games and do an end-run around the obstructing elements. Possibly, the way to do that is to prove beyond all doubt that there is physical damage being done to us by long-time exposure to our technology....toxic elements in our air, food, water, and environment. Let's take a look at some other information and potential approaches.

Through the media (and its confusing messages), so far we've become somewhat aware of chemical pollution, but have been ignor-trotting around the evidence. ("Never underestimate the power of the human mind to resist the inroads of useful knowledge" -- especially when it affects the bottom line or life-style)

1. Humans have always been in a stressful environment...stress is a necessary part of life, growth and survival. It used to be only coping with the natural we have all kinds of additional ARTIFICIAL STRESSES from chemicals, electrical fields, sound, light, etc....These artificial environmental stresses cause additional .psychological stresses, which in turn result in numerous physiological problems (psychoneuroimmunological effect), and even spiritual stresses...belief systems play an enormous part here (as well as the interference with biological rhythms). We have body areas that cannot adapt to such stresses for long periods without breakdown!

2. I believe, due to media accent on the negative in TV, radio, newspapers, movies, and magazines, that many persons are continually stuck in the "fight or flight" syndrome (some women seem to be especially vulnerable, particularly after childbirth stress), which causes a lot of problems with low body temperature, weight gain, rapid fatigue, headaches, memory impairment, hypersensitivity to pain, and a host of 'miseries" which seem to have no medical backup verification (biomarkers) to indicate a problem (often a group of problems, all at the same time) ....

3. A report will follow these comments about a new medical therapy that seems to be useful in treating fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS), multiple chemical sensitivity(MCS), electromagnetic field sensitivity syndrome (EMFSS), PMS, post traumatic stress syndrome (PTSS), chronic fatigue (CFS) and maybe even silicon breast implant rejection syndrome. All of these seem to have a tie-in with at least some aspects of systemic thyroid dysfunction, which seems to be a thyroid resistant (not thyroid-deficient) phenomenon. It has been designated as hypothyroidism, Type II, by Dr. Garrison. Two new biomarkers just came on the scene since middle of last year for both FMS and CFS, so now some OBJECTIVE MEASURES can be made to support therapies for these seven conditions....and some decent research can finally be done. The Veterans Administration supported program to test 100 vets of the Desert Storm campaign, who all have FMS symptom patterns (normally more of a woman's problem), is getting underway now. How these new biomarkers work out with the other five seemingly related syndromes, including EMFSS (already have positive results on a few persons) remains to be seen; however, additional pilot studies are just getting underway and there will soon be tie-ins to support the development of a better look at WOMEN'S HEALTH ISSUES.

"IF" (This is a big IF, but why not give it a try??....after all what we need now is something that doesn't make any sense at all...since what has made sense is not working or working too slow!) ......IF these biomarkers and the planned studies work out, then a very large amount of attention (especially of women) would be attracted to these issues. The tremendous evidence of long-term technological/environmental stress affecting everyone's health would become plainer; the attention-getting aspects of the effects on control of body weight alone would be staggering!

I guess what I'm trying to do is to attract the attention of women to this issue which primarily affects them...and as a block they could raise enough hell to get something done! HELL HATH NO FURY LIKE A WOMAN (OR WOMEN) SCORNED!......and the medical profession and corporate powers (mostly male) have done a great job of trying to mold women's minds and bodies to their expectations!!

What professions are paid the least and ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT TO HUMAN NURTURING, creativity, learning, growth and business?? -- mothers, the various creative arts, teachers, nurses, and secretaries.......PRIMARILY FEMALE..

Maybe I'm a dreamer and a "hopeless optimist" (is that an oxymoron?), but I've never been one for direct confrontation, unless you have an approach which can confuse and overwhelm from an unexpected I'll continue on with support of this new medical research avenue and see what will happen. You all will be kept informed.

I realize that there are some "Catch-22" situations several of my e-mail contacts clearly pointed out last year, the development of an inexpensive therapy for these various ailments might result in the various corporations saying, "just take two Hemi-Sync tapes and your T3 medicine regularly, continue working, and shut up, or lose your job!"...

However, finally admitting that the technology is causing illness would certainly bring about some sort of beneficial change. Do you really think that the public would stand for such treatment.. especially the more affected and effective element -- THE WOMEN??

Think about it.....(and pass it on, especially on the Internet)



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