Potential Monroe Hemi-Sync Sound Applications

It should be noted that there are scores of stress management methods and therapies available, from aerobics to meditation to yoga, and each particular method has its enthusiastic supporters with persons who have had miracle cures not possible with currently-known western medical practices. The major healing effect seems to be through practice, belief and intention. Researched over many years. Hemi-Sync sound therapy has has long had an excellent reputation of successful application in stress situations where dis-ease is a significant health factor (The Positive Immunity Program is a good example). Toxic long-term environmental types of stress, however, can pose additional serious, physiological problems requiring some form of physical energy support (chemical and/or electrical therapies).

Incorporating Hemi-Sync as a vital part of the medical treatment before, during and after the healing process, as a stress management approach, is highly recommended. The use of Hemi-Sync as a healing adjunct to physiological therapy will require a knowledgeable psychotherapist and physician working as colleagues in a healing process with, and controlled by, the patient. A patient who has intention to become well (using their own personally-selected Hemi-Sync program) may substantially reduce or eliminate the T3 dose (and other medications) initially required to bring the body back into a healthy state. It is also likely that the continued use or availability of Hemi-Sync methods would give the patient confidence and awareness in handling personal and environmental incipient stress conditions which could initiate a relapse. This is an obvious area for research exploration in holistic healing.

The proposal of a patient participating in, and taking responsibility for, their own healing process is still considered radical in the current medical paradigm; however, the times are changing fast with the advent of successful complementary and inexpensive medical choices, considering the present health-care system problems. The Monroe Institute is in a unique position with successful programs available to treat inner consciousness stresses.

Where do we go from here?? Any organization must continue to evolve and involve new ideas consistent with the times, or die because of complications associated with "hardening of the categories (HOT-C)"!! TMI has always been on the "creative edge" of frontier research and now may be headed for the financial benefits (and hazards) of "respectability" as a medical support organization offering therapies for before, during and after a healing process associated with stress illnesses. It is hoped this may provide funds and creative personnel to avoid conformity and continue research and applications into this and other frontier areas of audio technology and educational programs.

TMI has the specialized information and expertise, developed through the four decades of experimentation, data collection, and analysis, to continue as a leader in expanded-states- of-consciousness research. TMI is still far ahead in sound technology and the scientifically-proven effects of Hemi-Sync for continuation of evolution (and risking) in areas of healing, focused awareness/intentionality, and human potential growth (personal, group and organizational). As visionary professionals and frontierspersons we have the opportunity to be part of and support the Monroe Institute Vision to be, not only a leading force for in-depth self-discovery and transformation through research, education, inquiry and innovation, but also, I might add, application and healing.



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