Mid Canterbury WasteBusters
Waterwatch Programme

What is Waterwatch?
Waterwatch is a community based water quality monitoring and water conservation programme.

Waterwatch aims to

increase community awareness and understanding of water quality issues
increase community involvement in water management decisions
encourage collaborative action between community and water resource managers
educate schools, communities and local businesses about the need to conserve and respect water

Ashburton residents are among the highest consumers of domestic water nationwide. Education in water conservation will promote an awareness of the economic and environmental costs of water, the need to conserve and the benefits conservation will bring.

Waterwatch aims to bring together and work with schools, community groups, manufacturers and local businesses and Regional and District Councils.

Why Monitor?
Fresh water is our most valued renewable resource. Changes in land management practices have resulted in a serious decline in water quality in some areas. Urban and rural development have affected the physical, and biological characteristics of our groundwater aims to empower the people to take action with our local waterways by becoming actively involved in monitoring their local environment.

The Programme
The Waterwatch programme involves a visit to local waterways to look at the habitat, sample the water and perform tests. The Waterwatch programme provides information and education on:

The WasteBusters' Waterwatch programme is based on the very successful Australian project: "Waterwatch Victoria".

CLICK HERE To view The Australian Waterwatch site

Thanks to Department of Conservation and Natural Resources - East Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Thanks to Wellington City Council for their water conservation strategies.

For further information contact:
Sheryl Stivens
Waste Education Officer
No 3 R D., Ashburton
Phone: 302 6725
Fax: 308 1836 Ash.Dist.Council