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28 August 2020

Brenton Tarrant & The F Word. The Swastika In The Room

We recommend Jeff Sparrow's excellent short book "Fascists Among Us: Online Hate And The Christchurch Massacre" (see the review by Jeremy Agar in Foreign Control Watchdog 154, August 2020)

24 July 2020

"Islands Of The Empire", by Vanguard Films, was the definitive documentary on all aspects of the NZ/US political and military relationship. It was filmed at that critical historical point in the mid-1980s just before when, as a result of the massive peace movement and a change of Government, NZ went nuclear free and got kicked out of ANZUS. Both of those are still current today.

Those featured in the original film include the late Owen Wilkes, Tim Shadbolt, Maire Leadbeater, Murray Horton, and footage of the political leaders of the time, such as Prime Ministers Rob Muldoon and David Lange.

Because that film existed on video only, it has not been able to be widely viewed for a long time. Over the past couple of years, Vanguard Films has digitalised it, put it onto DVDs, and added an extensive number of right up to date Bonus Features.

Those interviewed (in 2019) for the DVD are: Nicky Hager, Keith Locke, Maire Leadbeater and Murray Horton. Spoiler alert: the interviews demonstrate that precious little has changed in the NZ/US relationship in the nearly 40 years since "Islands" was originally made.

The updated film had its one and only cinema screening before a capacity crowd in Christchurch on July 20 (the original film also had its premiere in Christchurch in 1985). No other cinema screenings are planned. So, make sure you get the DVD.

Here is the trailer to whet your appetite.

For a copy of the DVD, see this brochure.

15 July 2020

Good Riddance To NZ's Biggest Bludger - And Take Your Bad Rubbish With You

14 May 2020

National Interest Test Must Be Permanently Applied To All Foreign Investment Applicants - And Should Be Applied To Transnational Corporations Already In NZ

13 February 2020

Rio Tinto: Clean Up Your Own Bluff Smelter Mess - And Bugger Off

21 November 2019

National Interest Test Excellent First Step - Now Make Transnationals Re-Sit Their Licences

25 October 2019

Government's "Nuclear Free Moment" Response - Contract It Out To Forestry Transnational Corporations

24 October 2019

Let The "Too Big To Fail" Smelter Fail

21 June 2019

ANZ Shenanigans Reinforce Need For Inquiry Into Banks

24 May 2019

Canterbury Museum Announces Acquisition Of Roger Award Trophy

23 May 2019

CAFCA's Submission on the Overseas Investment Act Review 2019 uploaded to Submissions section.

17 April 2019

Overseas Investment Act Review Aimed At Making Things Easier For Foreign Business: CAFCA uploaded to Press Statements section.

9 January 2019

Hold The Phone! For The First Time, OIO Does Something About One Of CAFCA's "Good Character" Complaints uploaded to Press Statements section.

2 November 2018

Hell Freezes Over - Treasury consults CAFCA On Government's Review Of Overseas Investment Act uploaded to Press Statements section.

16 August 2018

New Overseas Investment Act - CAFCA Says Don't Expect Much And You Won't Be Disappointed uploaded to Press Statements section.

10 May 2018

Time For Action From Govt on Foreign Takeover of Businesses uploaded to Press Statements section.

20 April 2018

CAFCA Says It's Time To Get Tough With Tax Dodging Transnationals: This Is Not Just About One Bad Apple uploaded to Press Statements section.

13 April 2018

Policy Change Puts Brakes On Foreign Land Grab Good! uploaded to Press Statements section.

11 April 2018

The Roger Award has been ended after nearly 20 years. For details click here

19 March 2018

The Aotearoa Independence Movement launch was in Blenheim on January 27th. A vote was taken at that meeting to not proceed any further with AIM. For more details see http://canterbury.cyberplace.co.nz/community/CAFCA/aotearoa-independence-movement.html

19 March 2018

OIO Decisions for September to December 2017 uploaded to Foreign Investment section.

4 February 2018

Key Facts page updated.

27 December 2017

Overseas Investment Office Needs To Pull Finger On "Not Of Good Character" Complaints uploaded to Press Statements section.

1 December 2017

New Farmland Restrictions On Foreign Buyers Welcome First Step uploaded to Press Statements section.

15 November 2017

OIO Decisions for May to August 2017 uploaded to Foreign Investment section.

4 November 2017

Government Takes First Baby Steps On Foreign Control But Needs To Get Its Arse-Kicking Boots On, And Fast