This is the official website of CAFCA, the Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa.

Latest updates

23 October 2017

HEY JACINDA Let's do THIS! uploaded to Aotearoa Independence Movement section.

20 September 2017

AIM Launch Event page uploaded.

30 July 2017

Key Facts page updated.

25 July 2017

AIM on Trade
This is what a progressive trade agreement would look like in a truly non-aligned Aotearoa.

15 June 2017

AIM: Ecuador Shows There Are International Precedents For Countries Quitting Oppressive "Free Trade" Agreements added to Aotearoa Independence Movement page

2 June 2017

Tillerson Visit Good Opportunity For English To Grow A Pair & Tell Yanks To Shove It added to Aotearoa Independence Movement page

6 April 2017

Youi Wins 2016 Roger Award for the Worst Transnational Corporation Operating In Aotearoa/New Zealand

IAG/State Insurance Is Second; Uber Third

The full Judges Report, with details on all winners and finalists, can be downloaded here.

The six finalists were: Bathurst Resources, Coca Cola, IAG/State Insurance, Uber, Westpac and Youi.

Full details about the 2016 Roger Award are available here.

20 March 2017

CAFCA Launches Aotearoa Independence Movement and Invites You To Get Actively Involved In This Campaign

15 December 2016

Overseas Investment Office - Decisions (2016) now updated with details for May to August 2016.