Help support the CAFCA/ABC organiser

Murray Horton has been the CAFCA/ABC Organiser since 1991. He is the only paid worker for either group.

For CAFCA, his work ranges from everything involved in being secretary to doing regular media interviews to editing Foreign Control Watchdog.

His income comes from the CAFCA/ABC Organiser Account, which is solely dedicated to that purpose. There are a number of regular pledgers, and donations are vital.

Donations and regular pledges can be direct credited to the CAFCA/ABC Organiser Account at:

Westpac, Sydenham Branch, Christchurch. Account number: 030866-0300063-00.

You can also personally deposit cash into the CAFCA/ABC Organiser Account at any Westpac branch. If you do that, make sure that you include your name as the reference. Otherwise, it is impossible to identify you.

February 2022

A Living Wage For CAFCA/ABC Organiser

Dear Friends,

The CAFCA/ABC Organiser Account has operated continuously since 1991, existing for the sole purpose of providing the income for the Organiser for both groups - Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa and Anti-Bases Campaign. For that whole time, Murray Horton has been the Organiser.

This dedicated pay account has enabled both CAFCA and ABC to use our funds for our core functions, publications and campaigns, rather than for wages for our sole paid person. This model has been successful and the fact that it has continually operated since 1991 is remarkable in itself.

However, over time, the number of regular pledgers to the Organiser Account has decreased, as has the number of one-off donations. The Account used to have its own financial reserves but these have now been used up. So, CAFCA recently - for the first time - dipped into its own reserves and made several substantial donations to the Organiser Account (previously the Account had been self-sustaining, not requiring any funds from CAFCA or ABC). That is not sustainable long term.

So, in late 2021, the decision was taken to reduce Murray's paid hours from 40 to 30 per week, and, accordingly, reduce his pay by one quarter. If, and when the Account builds up again, that will be reviewed.

Since 2013 Murray has been paid the Living Wage and CAFCA and ABC are committed to continuing to do that. We value Murray's work and we know that you do too. For example, he is the Editor of both Foreign Control Watchdog and Peace Researcher. So, if you can help to keep the Organiser Account afloat, we'd greatly appreciate it.

Yours gratefully,

Warren Brewer (CAFCA)
Warren Thomson (ABC)