Aotearoa Independence Movement

The Aotearoa Independence Movement launch was in Blenheim on January 27th, 2018. A vote was taken at that meeting to not proceed any further with AIM. For more details click here. For posterity's sake, here are the papers from the three keynote speakers that day: Murray Horton, Keith Locke and Bill Rosenberg (whose paper is in two versions - PDF and Powerpoint)

Murray Horton Introducing AIM

Keith Locke: What An Independent NZ Foreign Policy Would Look Like

Bill Rosenberg: What Could A People-Friendly Globalisation Look Like?

(PPT 163KB)

Bill Rosenberg: What Could A People-Friendly Globalisation Look Like?

(PDF 135KB)

27 January 2018

Jacinda Says NZ Has "Independent Foreign Policy" - If Only That Was True

27 December 2017

Introducing the Aotearoa Independence Movement

Generic leaflet (PDF 1.8MB).
18 December 2017

Root Causes Of Refugee Crisis Need To Be Addressed

14 November 2017

AIM Launch Event page updated

1 November 2017 (DOC 349KB)


23 October 2017

AIM on Trade

This is what a progressive trade agreement would look like in a truly non-aligned Aotearoa.
25 July 2017

Downloadable version (PDF 209KB)
18 August 2017

AIM: Ecuador Shows There Are International Precedents For Countries Quitting Oppressive "Free Trade" Agreements

15 June 2017

Tillerson Visit Good Opportunity For English To Grow A Pair & Tell Yanks To Shove It

2 June 2017

What Does "Mother of All Bombs", Dropped on Afghanistan, Have To Do With Christchurch Airport?

Press Release of 24 April 2017 from ABC website.

Time For Independence From A Crumbling US Empire - Pacific Media Centre

The speech Murray Horton delivered at AUT in Auckland on 7 April 2017, hosted by the Pacific Media Centre (headed by David Robie). It served to introduce CAFCA's new campaign, the Aotearoa Independence Movement (AIM) and to kick around some ideas of what that might involve. A lot of those ideas represent Murray Horton's personal opinions only.

Time For Independence From A Crumbling US Empire - Green Planet FM

Lisa Er's interview with Murray Horton for Green Planet FM.

No more ‘half pie’ independent foreign policy call by CAFCA’s Horton

The report on Murray's speech by Kendall Hutt, the Pacific Media Cerntre journalist present.

PMC seminar

The livestream video of the speech, which includes material not included in the written speech.

This Auckland speech did not mark the launch of AIM. Murray Horton was going to Auckland anyway to speak at the Roger Award event the night before, and David Robie invited him to speak at AUT (as he has done before, over many years). It was too good an opportunity to pass up and gave Murray the chance to explore some of what this campaign might involve.


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