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June 2003

A Review of the New Zealand Radiation Protection legislation is underway, and with the current power crises we might get drawn into the powerline debate, meantime several new websites have been created including Dr Neil Cherry and Dr Andrew Marino’ s research, Canadian advocates, Salzburg Resolution and FRIEBURG APPEAL

Cellphone information has been moved here.

October 2002

An Evaluation of the Possible Risks From Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMFs) From Power Lines, Internal Wiring, Electrical Occupations and Appliances this Risk Evaluation of the 60 hertz magnetic field took nine years and cost over $7 million.  The final report provides an evaluation of the animal, laboratory and human evidence that shows how exposure to 50/60 Hz magnetic fields may or may not increase human health risks, based on the results of published research studies, with emphasis on new studies, the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) Working Group Report, and the results of the California EMF Program Studies.  All three of the DHS scientists were inclined to believe that EMF’s can cause some degree of increased risk of childhood leukemia, adult brain cancer, Lou Gehrig's Disease, and miscarriage.

All three scientists were "close to the dividing line between believing and not believing" that EMFs cause some degree of increased risk of suicide, or  For adult leukemia, two of the scientists are "close to the dividing line between believing or not believing" and one was "prone to believe" that EMF’s cause some degree of increased risk."

September 2001

Report commissioned by Ralph Ross, Chairman, and Terry Wilkinson of Christchurch Combined Residents Assn. by Penny Hargreaves with recommendations from Dr Neil Cherry, released, titled Hidden Dangers of Electromagnetic Radiation from Communication Towers, Power Lines and Cellphones in response to the Government Document titled "National guidelines for managing the effects of radiofrequency transmitters."

August 2000

Ouruhia Residents vs. Christchurch City Council & The Radio Network, TRN, was in the Environment Court June 1999. As TRN evidence took longer than time allotted, the case was to continue 31st August, when we were able to bring out from Switzerland Prof. T Abelin (M.D., M.P.H.) to discuss his research, on the “Health Effects from Exposure to Radiofrequency Radiation on the People and Animals living near the Schwazenburg Radio Transmitter”, and his subsequent findings of improved Melatonin levels and sleep patterns since the AM transmitter was closed down. TRN settled out of court, removing consent for 3 of the 4 FM. 1 FM and 2 AM stations continue to transmit from Ouruhia and more transmissions are being added to powerful transmitters within 6Km, in close proximity to schools and a densely populated urban area. We are continuing to crusade for safer sites to be used, and further health research in the area given that in the conclusion of Ouruhia Health Study by Dr Bruce Hocking (see later) he states “The survey also found that the majority with a medical basis had onset of their symptoms after 1991 (when regular FM transmissions began), and two had onset before then. Of the minority group of cases which could relate to RFR, one possibly had onset before FM transmissions, which shows the possible role of AM in symptoms should not be overlooked, and there are experimental reasons to consider AM in all this group.”

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International Standards inc. NZ, Sweden and Italy

For background on what has been happening in Ouruhia please read the following article written for NZine by Jacqueline Steincamp:

Electromagnetic Radiation - Out Ouruhia Way

For information on the investigation please read:

Electromagnetic Radiation - Report On Ouruhia Health Concerns
The Sweet Report - "Concerns of the Residents of Ouruhia regarding the radio tower at 123 Lower Styx Road, Christchurch, New Zealand".
Ouruhia Health Study by Dr Bruce Hocking

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11 families from Porat village filed a lawsuit to the magistrate's court in Tel Aviv against Bezeq broadcast authority, guilty for the cancer disease which the plaintiffs got. Investigation of about 200 families, found that 60 people got cancer, and 25 died from the disease. The village is located about 1.5 km from the short-wave and long wave radio broadcast transmitter station, "Hillel", which transmitted high radiation levels. A new report about the illness situation in the nearby Zoran village, located 230 meters from the antennas, exposes hundreds of cases of miscarriages, headaches, 85% suffer from eye problems, 15% reported repeating eye infections, 75% memory and concentration problems, cancers, sleep disturbances and other diseases. Prof Yossi Lesing, "The early miscarriages frequency is 17% from the pregnancies.”

ICNIRP standard
Electromagnetic Technical Evaluation Committee, NZ
International Standards inc. NZ, Sweden and Italy
NZ Safety Standard NZS2772.1
NZ Safety Standard Setting Committee TE/7
NRL National Radiation Laboratory NZ
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or Spectrum Allocation Policy, Summary of Submissions NZ
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