Welcome to the Plain Communications Electromagnetic Radiation Resource Website. It has been created to meet a demand for information in response to a series of articles published in NZine, and as a forum for the publication of extra information as it is provided to us.

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The following links are to articles that have been submitted to us for publication and are published here with permission. Click the buttons.

Stress, Women's Health, and Hemi-Sync - James B. Beal
Definition of Electromagnetic Field Sensitivity Syndrome (EMFSS) - James B. Beal
Comments on Stress, New Therapies, Women's Health Issues, and Change - James B. Beal
Wilson's Syndrome (Hypothyroidism Type II*): The Stress Connection & Potential Therapy For Chemical & Emf Sensitivities - James B. Beal
Potential Monroe Hemi-Sync Sound Applications - James B. Beal
Letter to a newspaper on the dangers of microwave radiation - Dr Bill Curry

The following links are to sites, mailing lists and news groups of relevance.

Ouruhia Web site - An area in New Zealand affected by EMR, their fight against it, reports, articles, links.
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences EMF Report - Excellent in-depth and recently published information.
Bioelectromagnetics Health Effects Update - Technical references, links.
Cell Study: Hazards Are Real - Industry-funded study finds bad news about the health effects of cell phones...
EMFLDS - Mailing List
sci.physics.electromag - News Group
Cellular Phone Antennas and Human Health - FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), FAQ links.

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