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The Real Issues

On 2 November 2011, during the campaign for the General Election on 26 November, CAFCA held a public meeting in Christchurch called "The Real Issues: What are the real issues facing the people of NZ and Christchurch this election?". Speakers were Jeremy Agar, CAFCA Chairperson, on the Productivity Commission; Murray Horton, CAFCA Organiser and Convenor of New Zealand Is Not For Sale Campaign, on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA); Bill Rosenberg, CTU Economist and Policy Director, on Privatisation; and Mike Peters, Addington Action Organiser, on the politics of the earthquake recovery.

The presentation on Privatisation can be downloaded here (PDF 1MB).

Privatisation by Stealth

On the day of the event announcing the 11th Roger Award in March 2008, the 10th anniversary of the award, a conference was held called "Privatisation by Stealth" (PDF 146KB). The speakers were:

  • Murray Horton, CAFCA - Introduction (PDF 30KB)
  • Bill Rosenberg, CAFCA - International pressures driving privatisation (PDF 112KB)
  • Laila Harre, former Cabinet Minister - on the internal and external pressures on Government to privatise (copy not available).
  • Sue Newberry, Associate Professor of Accounting, University of Sydney - on the structures in place which enable some privatisation initiatives to proceed without the public being aware - slides from her presentation (PDF 171KB).

You can hear a Radio New Internationalist programme, "Privatisation continued", with Laila, Bill, and South African anti-privatisation activist, Silumko Radebe from the South African Anti Privatization Forum, at the New Internationalist website. Click on 'Radio' on the contents bar at the top of the page.


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